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How do I get the most out of the S'moo Babe Community?

How To Get the Most Out Of The S'moo Babe Community and make it yours!

We wanted to take some time to run through a few pointers on how to maximize your time on the S'moo Babe Community! We know everyone is different and wants different things (endless content vs. simplicity), so S'moo Babes was truly created to be what YOU want it to be! Read these tips below to customize your experience in the community.

1. Groups: Join as many groups as you'd like! Remember, the groups are specific to life stage, diagnosis, preference, and interests. So join the groups that get you excited! This is where you can freely post, start conversations, and share all that's on your heart with other likeminded members.

Note: When you join a group, you will see that group's content filtered into the main feed, so you can get all your content in one place :) 

If you enjoy just hearing from Karagan, and S'moo HQ simply do not join any groups and that will keep your feed to just the main feed posts.

Click HERE to check out all the current groups you can be a part of today!

2. Following/blocking members: Make note that you can follow other member accounts that interest you (just like instagram) and that member will always show up on your feed when they post as well as receive mobile notifications when they post! Stay up to date with your sisters and friends that encourage you! Just click "follow" on their profile and you'll always be in the loop with that friend.

If there is a member that you might not be interested in hearing from, you can easily block them and you won't receive their content. Again, let's stay open minded but also know that we don't have to follow thousands of people... that's okay, too! Just like Instagram, we want to give you the option of who you do and don't hear from!

Note: if you are blocking any member due to feeling uncomfortable or have a concern of any kind, reach out to the S'moo HQ Team anytime and we are happy to help out. 

3. Courses: Our exclusive courses are meant to give you something to really dig into when you get on the S'moo Babe Community. This is for when you want to go deeper and not just scroll! If you're looking to really dive in, you can start any of our courses at any time! Again, once you join a course, the content and activity will also filter to your main feed, so you get all the content you follow in one place if you want it :) 

4. Want more content?

If you want even more when you get on S'moo Babes, consider some of the following:

* Follow "Topics" on the home page or any of the groups for up to date posts relating to topics.

* Always go to discovery for a rundown of what all is happening inside S'moo Babes

* Start a conversation inside one of your groups to be able to engage with other members.

* Stay up to date with the events calendar for upcoming virtual and in-person meetups. 

And there you have it! We hope with these tips, you will be able to make S'moo Babes exactly what you want it to be. Thanks for being a part of the community, and as always, reach out with any and all questions! We'll do our best to find answers for you :) 

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