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Community Topics: How & Why to UseUpdated 2 years ago

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One super cool thing (among the many) about our community platform is the "Topics" feature which is used to organize our posts so they are easier to search and access by everyone! :) 

When you post on the main feed or in groups, you'll be asked to "add topic" and we ask you to please tag your post under the topics listed. 

Main Feed Topics include:

Advice and Support - This topic is for S'moo Babes looking for advice and support, or sharing advice or support with others! 

Daily Encouragement- Use this topic to share any encouragement, motivation, quotes, or words of wisdom!

Hope- This topic is for sharing stories and sentiments of hope and positivity!

My Story- Want to share your story or learn about the stories of other S'moo Babes in the community? Use this topic!

Hormone Balance- This topic is for all posts and questions hormone balance related. 

New Member Information- Use this topic to search for any posts related to being a new member in our community. 

Personal Growth- Here you can share ways you are improving, getting closer to your goal, or even experience the growing pains of change! Use this topic to celebrate growth. 

Product Info- This topic will be used to share any information or answer any questions about S'moo products.

S'moo HQ Announcements- This topic will only be used by the S'moo HQ Team to share any exciting announcements! 

Tips and Tricks- Share what is working well for you and getting you closer to your goal! 

Weekly Round Ups-  These will be community summary posts created by S'moo HQ Team.

Group Topics

There are also topics within each group you join! These will be to organize the dialogue happening within each group so that conversations are organized, accessible and easy to find for everyone! Check out our Group Post to join our dedicated groups & join conversations specific to your interests.

Not a member yet? Join our community here! It's 100% free.

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