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Community Safety Tips

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As S’moo Babe community admins, we are here to help cultivate a welcoming and safe environment. From one babe to another, here are a few reminders to keep the S’moo Babe community happy and healthy:

Annoying messages? If anyone ever sends you a messages or communicates with you on S’moo Babes in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can take action! Simply BLOCK this user and you won’t hear from them again!

As with any social media platform, be aware of what information you choose to share online.  We promise, we will never ask you to share details you aren’t comfortable with and no one else on S’moo Babes should either! S'moo Babes is a private community, and only members can access your posts. If you are interested in another layer of privacy, consider joining one of our private groups. 💗

Be sure to send us a note directly and let us know if anyone in the community makes you feel uncomfortable. You can do this by taking a screenshot of the conversation or comment and send it in a private message to this S’moo HQ account.

Just a reminder, as admins, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the community who violates the community policies. Please be sure to read our guidelines for additional safety information here. We are for you and our primary goal is to protect the environment that we are creating here at S’moo Babes Community.

Here for you,

S’moo HQ 

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