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Community Guidelines

Join our community here! It's 100% free. 

Here at S'moo Babes, we are all doing life together and learning along the way. Our hope is to provide an environment that lifts up, encourages, and champions one another. 

These guidelines were created to ensure that, together, we're creating a safe & supportive place that reflects all those things.

With that in mind, we ask that you keep these principles in mind when you contribute to our community 💕

Zero Tolerance No Bullying Policy

Our #1 priority as a community is to create a safe, supportive space that represents LOVE. We will not tolerate any bullying, hate speech, or abuse of any kind and kindly ask to keep controversial topics outside of the community. We are here to create an environment that you can count on to come to when you need positivity in your day, an uplifting community to be a part of and a sisterhood that will love and be there for you no matter what.

** There is no warning for bullying - and S'moo reserves the right to terminate an account at any time **

Focus on loving one another over being "right".

Our community is meant to share experiences with each other, and be vulnerable. We ask you to be kind to others and their opinions, and treat others how you wish to be treated.  We don't want to be so "right" that we are wrong with the people we love. We ask that you share your opinions and encouragement, but please do so in light of loving one another and lifting one another up.


We want this to be a place where everyone feels heard and is actively involved in making others feel known. Please be quick to post and encourage others as they open up and seek input! We are thankful you are here and want to hear from YOU.

Have fun and grow!

Healthy things grow. Having fun is a huge part of living a healthy life! You will have opportunities to join different discussions, groups and events here at S'moo Babes, and we hope you enjoy yourself as you do so. 

Please don't promote.

Feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with the others here in this community, but please do not promote yourself or your business. Spamming, soliciting, or self-promotion are not what we are about here :) Please note that S'moo Babes has the right to terminate an account at any time for any reason.

Have questions? We're here.

If you see a post in the feed the violates these guidelines, flag it! The S'moo HQ team will step in to contact the member privately or remove the offending post. Feel free to reach out with any questions/comments/concerns you might have.

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