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Community Groups: How & Why You Should Join

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One of the best things about our community is that we have the most supportive and active community you can find! We are so proud to host such incredible women who show love, appreciation, excitement, support, and empathy to each other each day... and that are all on the journey to become their best selves ✨

We are excited to announce groups! We created groups based on what our community expresses and shares. It is so important to us that each woman in the S'moo Babe community feels represented and heard. And we believe that by creating the space to have conversations around specific topics, that can happen on a much more intimate, yet extensive level.

Going in place immediately, we are switching our open communication from the public feed to groups. Groups are now the main place for ongoing communication on certain topics (especially the more private ones!). Share your heart, your ideas, your stories and all your burning questions. We can't wait to see these groups come to life!

Don't worry, Karagan and the rest of the S'moo HQ team will still be posting daily encouragement, content and conversation starters on the public feed for everyone to comment on and enjoy... and you are more than welcome to continue to do the same :) However, there will be exclusive and specific content in each group catered to your interests.

With that, we are bringing you TEN main groups inside the S’moo Babe community:

1. GRATEFUL GALS: This group helps make gratitude a habit, and is a community gratitude journal. Grateful Gals is so important because we believe gratitude is one of the pillars of the S'moo Babe community. As S'moo Babes, we believe we should strive to look for opportunity & positivity in everything... and be the change we want to see in the world 💕 Practicing daily gratitude helps change our outlook on whatever is going on in our lives... and we can use that new outlook to help others, see another perspective or just learn from it.

2. CHALLENGE GROUP: This group is for everyone who is currently doing the challenge of the month! This group will change monthly based on the challenge being run. In order to commit to the challenge and check in weekly, join the new challenge group each month.

3. GIRL TALK *PRIVATE*: As women, we shouldn't have to go through life alone. This is a safe space, where we will welcome discussions on many different topics surrounding what it's like to exist in the world as a woman! 💖 This is a judgement free zone for S'moo Babes to encourage, relate, and connect with each other!

4. PCOS SUPPORT GROUP: Here at S'moo, we understand how difficult having PCOS can be and we want to help in any way we can. Most importantly, we don't want anyone to feel alone in this journey. This group is made for all those S'moo Babes who are battling PCOS to connect, share information, and encourage one another. 💖 

5. TTC SUPPORT GROUP: Carrying a baby is one of the most magical things that we get to do as women! ❤️ While S'moo is not guaranteed to help bring a baby into your world, we do know that it has helped many women do so, and that there are many women in our community who are here for that reason. This group is for all the future mothers in our community to connect during their fertility journey without judgement.

6. MENOPAUSE SUPPORT GROUP: Menopause is unfortunately one of those "taboo" topics that is not talked about, and we want to change that! S'moo has been shown to help with menopause, and for that reason, we are so glad you found us. This group is for all those S'moo Babes out there experiencing the hormonal changes related to menopause to discuss, support, and relate to each other 💖

7. HEALTHY EATING: Changing our dietary habits to meet our goals can feel scary and daunting. Sometimes it is a big learning curve, and that is okay! It takes time, and we have to be patient with ourselves. This group is for those who want ideas, accountability, and support in their nutrition journey. Is eating healthy the hardest part for you? Well, we've got you 😉

8. S’MOO BABE BOOK CLUB: The only thing that is better than diving head first into a really good book... is diving head first into a really good book with other S'moo Babes!

This group is where we will host a book club with scheduled discussions!

9. SMOO FITNESS GROUP: At S'moo we believe that all bodies are beautiful and strong, and we want you to believe that too! Whatever your fitness goal is, just know that you are not alone. In this group, you can find accountability partners, work out ideas, fitness supplement suggestions, weight loss support, and so much more. Whether you are just staring your fitness journey, or you have been an athlete your whole life, this group is for you.

10. S’MOO AMBASSADOR PRIVATE GROUP: Our ambassadors are an important piece of our community and help lead spreading awareness about S'moo and supporting fellow S’moo Babes on their personal journey! This group is for all Ambassadors to connect about their experience, ask questions, and support one another as they spread the word about S'moo. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador: Click here to apply!

We are SO excited you are here in the S’moo Babe community. It would not be what it is without each and every one of you that has decided to join. We hope you love these groups as much as we do and we can't wait for these to become your new favorite place to share all that's in your heart!



Not a member yet? Join our community here! It's 100% free.

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